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Thurston Moore To Release Demolished Thoughts

Written by Barnaby Smith on 14th March, 2011

Image for Thurston Moore To Release Demolished Thoughts

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth has put a date on his new Beck-produced solo album, with Demolished Thoughts set forĀ  a US street date of May 24 (May 23 in Europe).

According to MataBlog, Moore’s fourth LP comes out on Matador after the guitarist holed himself up with Beck in Los Angeles and Northampton, Massachusetts over the past US autumn and winter. The album’s title comes from the song It’s Time by hardcore punk band The Faith.

It is 52-year-old Moore’s first solo effort since 2007’s Trees Outside The Academy. Beck plays as well as produces, along with fellow performers Samara Lubelski, Mary Lattimore, Bram Inscore and Joey Waronker.

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