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Tony Abbott Goes Dubstep In Skrillex Mash-Up ‘Abbottrang’

Written by Sarah Bella on August 15, 2013

Tony Abbott is set to be this year’s most unlikely musical hit, with NewsLabCentral mixing up the Opposition Leader’s verbal fumbles and painful catchphrases with Skrillex‘s smash Bangarang, leading to surprisingly entertaining results.

The mashup sees Abbott’s glorious misuse of the word “suppository” mixed in with his sexist talk of his party’s candidate’s “sex appeal”, set to the tones of commercial dubstep’s favourite son. And what would Abbottrang be without a reference to stopping the boats? Nothing, we tell ya.

NewsLabCentral describe the most tolerable 30 seconds of Tony you’ll ever see as such:

“While his renditions of ‘Blue Danube’ and ‘The Hustle’ were great successes, Tony is now targeting the youth of the nation as they enrol to vote. He jumped into the studio to play around with dubstep, and we think the kids will love it!”

Indeed. It’s not the first music-related Abbott slam today, either, after the potential leader of the nation got served by popette Katy Perry for not supporting gay marriage. Here at Music Feeds, we’re really hanging out for Kevin Rudd‘s Get Ruddy but we’ll settle for either one of them adopting the Skrillex haircut.


Watch: Tony Abbott vs. Skrillex – Abbottrang

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