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Tool Promoters Apologise To Fans In Perth

Written by Marc Zanotti on February 19, 2013

While news of Tool’s long-awaited follow-up to 2006s 10,000 Days coming out in 2013 fluctuates between frontman Maynard James Keenan saying no, the band saying yes, and Keenan saying no, again; one thing is for certain, Tool are touring Australia this April and May.

The national tour stops in at all the usual haunts, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and even swings a left to include the often-neglected Adelaide. However, one area Tool won’t be performing at is Western Australia, with capital city Perth left off the itinerary.

Even with the recent announcement of 2 new shows taking place at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena and Sydney’s Allphones Arena, Perth is still left wanting. Understanding that WA fans might feel shafted by their exclusion, Frontier Touring has posted a message on the company’s Facebook page.

Explaining the reason behind Perth’s snubbing, Frontier Touring offer condolences to WA Tool fans:

Whilst every effort is made to bring the artists you love to all cities in Australia & New Zealand, due to the many factors involved in the scheduling of tours, this is unfortunately not always possible.

We are sorry to hear of your disappointment at Tool not travelling to Perth, but are thrilled to be bringing the triple Grammy award winners out to Australia this April and May.

While Frontier Touring’s statement might seem reasonable to some, there are those with no qualms vocalising their frustrations.

Comments attached to the post include:

“Fuck you Frontier Touring”

“It’s pathetic. WA, NT and TAS are constantly missed. All it takes is better planning!!!!”

“quoted directly from your FAQ on website. Thanks. We’ve already read that. How about this for a quote ‘In rare cases petitions can convince an artist to extend their tour into another city…’

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