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Two Characters From Drake & Josh Have Gone And Started A Band With An Excellent Name

Written by Sam Murphy on April 13, 2016

Anyone who sat in front of Nickelodeon during the ’00s would be well-acquainted with the loveable pairing Drake & Josh, so much so, that nine years after the show’s demise news about two characters from the show starting a band is enough to conjure some nostalgia.

Sadly, it’s not Drake & Josh starting a band but two favourites from the show Crazy Steve and Mindy Crenshaw are. Known in real life outside of Nickelodeon as Jerry Trainor and Allison Scagliotti, the pair have joint forces with Mike O’Gorman and Andrew Zuber to create the band Nice Enough People.

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Nice Enough People are prepping an EP for later this year and while we haven’t heard any recorded songs from them yet, the name is enough to suggest they will be great. There is, however, a video of them singing along to ABBA in the car so that will have to do for the time being.

They played their debut show back in March and have a few more lined-up so hopefully some cheeky YouTube live vids will emerge soon so we can get our Drake & Josh fix that we’ve been craving for nine long years.

For now, let’s relive Crazy Steve and Mindy Crenshaw together on screen.

Watch: Crazy Steve’s Gone Berserk!

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