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Tyler, The Creator Brands Brisbane Racist

Written by Barnaby Smith on June 7, 2011

Tyler, The Creator of Odd Future has sparked controversy by suggesting Brisbane is a city of racists after the hip hop collective performed in the Queensland capital on Sunday night.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that at the concert, Tyler told the crowd he had encountered a ‘racist asshole’ in a Brisbane KFC, but that he wouldn’t let the incident tarnish his opinion of the whole town.

In the lead up to the show, however, he tweeted that Brisbane was “racist as fuck” and that it made him “uncomfortable”. He added, “I get this weird vibe”.

He posted later, “Im in Brisbane Right Now….They hate Niggas Out Here….”. He did admit though that Melbourne was ‘cool’.

His posts after the show, meanwhile suggest he had a good time. He wrote, “Fucking Brisbane Show Was Fucking SICK!””So Fucking Happy. Australia Was Fucking Fun Over All. Thanks To The White People Down Under (Except For Them Hating Racist From Earlier).” 

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