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Watch: Amanda Palmer Arrested in Amsterdam

Written by Brayden Darke on May 12, 2011

Punk cabaret singer Amanda Palmer was arrested in Amsterdam yesterday after staging what she called a “ninja gig” in the city square.

Before the concert, Palmer sent out messages saying that there would be a free “NINJA GIG IN AMSTERDAM @ DAM SQUARE” at 6pm. She also added she might try to cover a Violent Femmes song. “On my way, everybody avoid the cops and the royal families and head towards the monument,”.

A series of tweets under the hashtag #Amsterdamninja revealed that the ninja gig wasn’t going to plan, and that five officers had set upon her for staging the performance.

Following her arrest she tweeted several messages about the incident, saying: “Dear Amsterdam, sorry I got arrested & the gig ended prematurely, you will all have to come to Utrecht tomorrow” they “…took my belongings and put me in a holding jail cell, and after a while let me go with a fine”

Palmer said later on that some fans held a vigil outside the police station and then went to a salsa night to “celebrate my freedom”. She appropriately added to that statement “Yeah, my life is weird.”

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