Image for Watch: Chris Hornbrook Auditions For Queens Of The Stone Age ‘First It Giveth’

Watch: Chris Hornbrook Auditions For Queens Of The Stone Age ‘First It Giveth’

Written by Kiel Egging on January 27, 2013

Even though Dave Grohl is sitting behind the kit as Queens of the Stone Age record their new record, the band are still yet to confirm who is going to be playing with them live.

Apparently, Josh Homme and his comrads have already picked their new man, but if they’re reconsidering, here’s a guy who we and AntiQuiet reckon might be worth a look.

Chris Hornbrook – who drums for American post-hardcore band Poison the Well – recently uploaded an audition video that he planned to send the guys. He covered the pounding track First It Giveth from their ace 2003 album Songs for the Deaf, which you can watch at the bottom of the page.

Hornbrook also added the following caption to go with the video:

So a good friend of mine was told to round up a group of drummers to video audition for QOTSA with the departure of Joey Castillo. Pretty much as this was being finished up, they apparently picked his replacement; even before I had a chance to submit mine! Bummer. Regardless, it was super fun learning and recording this song.

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