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Watch: Panic! at the Disco Singer Breaks Ankle on Stage

Written by Brayden Darke on June 2, 2011

Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco broke his ankle on stage a few nights ago while playing a show at Pompano Beach Amphitheater, Florida. He then managed to take his boot off, [jokingly] reveal it to the crowd and then keep playing until the end of the set.

Urie explained what happened after the show:

“Well… It’s kinda funny, actually. In the middle of the show, I usually sprint around the venue to get to the front of house to play an acoustic number face-to-face with the fans. The song went over just fine, but on the way back to the stage I lost balance trying to sprint down some stairs. Rolled my ankle and felt something tear in my foot. When I crawled back to the stage, I felt a need to look at my injury. My ankle had swelled up to the size of a pool-ball, but the adrenaline had helped to subdue the pain. Got an OCL splint from the hospital where the doctor told me not to walk on it for at least 3 weeks.

Well, Doc, I don’t have 3 weeks. The shows will go on.”

We spoke the Brendon Urie a few months ago about writing their new album Vices & Virtues.

Panic! at the Disco will also be playing on the Soundwave Revolution line up in September.

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