Image for Weezer cover Radiohead’s Paranoid Android

Weezer cover Radiohead’s Paranoid Android

Written by Michael Carr on May 30, 2011

Following on from controversy surrounding their most recent album, Hurley, speculation still swirling over whether statements made by guitarist Brian Bell (which he later retracted, claiming he was mistaken) that the album was named after the clothing brand Hurley who had help fund the recordings, seminal 90s alternative band Weezer have just released a video of an in-the-studio cover of Radiohead‘s Paranoid Android.

Having previously walked through a cover of Creep, along with accompaniment from some fans manning a D.I.Y orchestra of acoustic guitars and other fair, this time round the boys again do a great job of tackling the iconic song, even if they do look a lot more serious than I ever remember seeing them in any other clips. Anyway here’s the clip.

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