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Yarraville Man Jailed Then Evicted From Home For Playing Music Too Loud

Written by Mike Hohnen on July 10, 2013

A Yarraville man is going to have to find a new place to set up his record player after he was arrested then evicted from his home of 30 years for playing music too loud at an unreasonable hour. The court has stated that he must now reside with a friend in Fitzroy having spent 2 weeks in custody over the ordeal.

The loud music seems to have been the final straw in an ongoing dispute between the man, who cannot be named, and his neighbours of 13 years. The loud noise might seem harmless enough but in fact it’s in breach of a legal intervention suggesting the offender had a good idea of what would happen.

Police have apparently visited the man’s property 69 times in just 6 months with most of the complaints being about loud music. Just back in April/May, the same fella’ was placed on bail charged with three breaches of the order for playing loud music at ungodly hours. Part of the terms of bail were that he no longer do it, but here we are.

Put within context and considering the numerous notices by council and police, Prosecutor Michelle Zammit has deemed this constitutes an act of harassment against the neighbours. however. defence lawyer Louis Richter has disputed this claiming that his client may not have known about the noise restrictions placed on him as he very well could have been drunk at his bail hearing.

Justice Terry Forrest has explained that as the man was being arrested, he threatened to kill his neighbours and although this may have been attributed to drunken banter, an eviction notice was required because of the threat.

Outside of court the man has expressed that he is “not impressed” with all that has happened and neighbours need to be a bit more neighbourly.

The judge has suggested he invest in headphones.

(Via Herald Sun)

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