AIM Together Now 2012: Damian Cunningham (Peats Ridge Festival)

Peats Ridge Festival organiser Damian Cunningham sat down with MusicFeedsTV to talk about his involvement and give background information about the event. Their first wave of bands on the lineup at this year’s festival got music lovers excited, and coming in September is a second announcement of additional acts to also feature at the iconic New Year’s festival. Damian is personally excited for John Butler Trio, The Herd, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings but hints at some very big surprises still to come for Peats Ridge Festival.

“Peats Ridge itself was started 9 years ago. We’re in our ninth year now and Matt Grant was the founder and owner of Peats Ridge Festival. His premise initially was to try and educate people about sustainability and about greening in every aspect of their lives, and to do it in a method or transference through music and art and performance so that a festival itself could run itself on an eco principal and a green principal. But also, attendees at a festival could adopt as little or as much as they wanted from what they were learning. They could attend the festival and just by absorption see what was happening from a greening point of view.”

When it comes to the next big thing on this year’s lineup, Damian feels it would be remiss of him to guide festivalgoers saying:

“I think that’s more for the attendees to find. I mean yeah, we do have a reputation of giving the opportunities for new and emerging acts to perform at the festival. We’re lucky enough, we program on average about 156 acts that perform over the 3 days of the festival. I think it’s the opportunity for the acts to play that gives them the launch into some sort of public sphere for them. Sometimes a lot of acts now don’t get the opportunity to perform at large music festivals. So I think it’s more for the public to discover and find.”

He did give us one hint of a young and emerging band to check out called Tiger Town. Check out the full interview for more info behind the Peats Ridge Festival.

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Taylor

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