Alexander Biggs – ‘Figure It Out’

Melbourne indie crooner Alexander Biggs has released a quirky new music video for his fresh single ‘Figure It Out’.

The tune has been sliced off the 23-year-old’s forthcoming debut EP Still You Sharpen Your Teeth which is due out on Friday, 15th September.

Biggs describes ‘Figure It Out’ as the “dark horse” of his new disc, explaining, “I was facing a lot of conflict in my life. But the song came out of a place of hopefulness, which is a bit different for me – I’m normally a lot more cynical. It came from a place of understanding that everything will pass. Negative things will come, but they’ll be gone soon – and you’ll ‘figure it out’, so to speak.”

The simple yet powerful visuals for the song show an increasingly flummoxed Biggs trying and failing to operate an old school lemonade stand in the year 2017, an artful metaphor reflecting the way the modern music industry works.

“The concept of the video explores an artist’s experiences of the music industry, one that rang very true to me when I conceived the idea a few years ago,” he says.

“It explores the pleasure and the struggle in pursuing our passion, the constant devaluing of our craft (both by others and ourselves), our reactions to the critics and the big dogs, and the ease of making music yourself these days and the subsequent struggle in trying to be heard in the oversaturated market.”

Have a taste of Alexander Biggs’ hard-made lemonade in the video above, and you can catch him doing it live on the road this October in Melbourne and Sydney as well as a showcase at the annual BIGSOUND conference.

Alexander Biggs ‘Still You Sharpen Your Teeth’EP Launch Tour Dates

Saturday, 7th October
The Toff, Melbourne
Tickets: Official Website

Saturday, 21st October
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Tickets: Official Website

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