Interview: Dan Deacon On Finding Colour In A Mainstream, Greyscale World

Dan Deacon is back in Australia, showcasing his new album, Gliss Riffer, at festivals across the country including the Sydney Festival, Tasmania’s MONA FOMA and today’s Sugar Mountain Festival. He spoke to Music Feeds about his artistic process, and how moving out from the mainstream can lead to inspiration.

“It’s been a while since I produced and engineered a record, so it was a big mental shift to go back to composing and then knowing that I would be the one finalising the sounds,” explains Deacon on his decision to self-produce his latest record.

Deacon also talked us through all the equipment he experimented with on Gliss Riffer and the process of creating those layered sounds. “It’s like cooking. I want it to have as complex of a flavour as possible but the flavours need to compliment each other and you need to be able to hear them at different stages.”

Speaking about his influences, Deacon explains that it was breaking out and listening to things outside mainstream pop culture that first sparked his interest in exploring and creating music.

“You grow up and you hear music on the radio and you know you like music but you know there’s something else out there. You have no idea what it is. Imaging living in a world of black and white and then a little bit of dark green emerges and you’re like, ‘Oh there’s more’,” he explains.

“People who only listen to what’s on the radio or television are only getting a greyscale version of what’s happening.”

Dan Deacon plays as part of Melbourne’s Sugar Mountain festival today and The Brightside’s Australia Day eve party on Sunday 25th January.

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