Interview: Dan Zilber Talks FBi Radio’s 9th Birthday

As Music Director of Sydney’s iconic FBi radio, Dan Zilber had a tough job ahead of him. With the intention of promoting the struggling indie scene in not only Sydney, but for the rest of Australia, FBi had a big task ahead of them. Now 9 years down the track, they really do have a reason to celebrate.

As Dan explains, it’s been a long haul filled with plenty of man hours and elbow grease to get the station to where it is today: one of the most influential community radio stations in the country. It is so successful that it is often seen as a platform for bands to progress to the commercial stages of their career. But it is much more than that. FBi has incurred a cult-like following of those who were previously left in the dark and who want to reinvigorate Sydney’s live music scene and reinstall the sense of community amongst bands and listeners alike.

You don’t have to look much further than the station’s very own live music venue FBi Social. Held at the Kings Cross Hotel, FBi Social very quickly became the spot to be. Targeting all corners of the indie universe: pop, rock, dance, hip hop etc, the venue itself has now become somewhat of an institution. So when FBi announced plans to celebrate their 9th birthday, they brought with them the biggest FBi Social gig ever, so big in fact that the headliner hasn’t even been announced, but kids are still running around grabbing tickets. Though we tried and tried, Zilber would not crack, keeping the secret headliner just that until the time is right.

Although they always had high hopes, after 9 years filled with ups and downs, it is still a shock to Zilber and his staff who are essentially in uncharted waters, making the future of FBi even more exciting than ever.

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Taylor

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