Interview: Eli Wolfe – What Makes A ‘Perfect Moment’

If there’s two things Australian balladeer Eli Wolfe doesn’t mind, it’s playing some songs and having a chat. Wolfe found himself on the couch at Music Feeds Studio recently, where the non-stop independent songwriter told us how new EP, Perfect Moment, came into being.

The humble and genuine Wolfe is as his music represents him, unguarded and giving without fear of reprisals for crafting tunes that are heaving on emotion and larger than life. Perfect Moment is a romp of positivity that unashamedly asks the listener to shelve any cynicism and just go with the flow.

Currently on an extensive national tour, Wolfe is sure to delight fans with his down-to-earth personality and head-in-the-cloud songs. Wolfe has travelled the world on his own terms, playing his own music, and carries the infectious energy of someone who has preserved that feeling of discovering something new.

Eli Wolfe

  • Recording new EP Perfect Moment
  • What it means to be a surviving independent musician
  • Sharing a Perfect Moment
  • Vibratory aspects of matter… and all that sort of stuff

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