Interview: Frente!’s Angie Hart – “I Listen To Us As A Band That I’m Not In”

Early last month, Melbourne alternative veterans Frente! announced that in honour of the 21 years since their debut long-play Marvin The Album made them a household name, core members Angie Hart and Simon Austin would reunite to embark on an extensive national tour through May and June. If the press release is anything to go by, there’ll be “some surprises” too.

“Yeah, I put that in there,” Angie jokes. “We’ll have some guests, we’ll have some material that is 25 years old and it’ll probably be the only time we ever play it. I can’t imagine we’ll play all of that stuff ever again, and I wanna make a suitcase gallery and bring some of that memorabilia with me.”

When we asked Angie why she thinks Marvin the Album has been the band’s most enduring release, she says it was the result of an unbeatable and very ephemeral combination. “We were young [laughs] We didn’t go to school together, we weren’t all the same age, and we had really different musical tastes, and we didn’t know what we were doing, and I think that’s a great combo and you can’t recreate that,” says Angie.

So can Frente! fans expect new material from the group any time soon? “We would like to write some more, it’s been an interesting period of time,” says Angie. “I guess Simon and I have become adults, finally, or as close as we’ll ever get [laughs] And so that made it quite difficult for us to find time to write, but we still have an amazing chemistry together. When we get together it’s like no time has passed at all.”

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