Interview: Gay Paris On Gay Paris (Live At Music Feeds Studio)

After they smashed out three of their latest new tracks, Gay Paris chilled out for a brief moment to talk shop with freelance journalist John Reportingman. He has mysterious ways of working, this Reportingman, but his rapport with the artist is undeniable.

Through out the interview, W.H Monks and Reportingman discuss an array of topics related to the band. Everything from where the name came from, to who thought up the name, to whether Monks was standing inside, or indeed out when he first heard the name. From there, things get a little dirty with some much needed sex talk.

Monks sure keeps his cards close to his chest on many issues, including how many marijuana cigarettes the band consume before they write their music. There is a brief mention, I believe, of their recently released album The Last Good Party, but there are clearly bigger issues at hand than that.

You’ll have to watch the whole interview for the shock horror twist – all we’ll say is Reportingman may not be the qualified journalist he makes himself out to be. Dun Dun DUUUUUUN!

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