Interview: Holidays On Ice – “Every Album Feels Like The Last One”

Holidays On IceAngie Hart of Melbourne alt-rockers Frente!, Dean Manning of Leonardo’s Bride, and Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint — unveiled their third album, The Luxury of Wasted Space, produced and recorded by Manning in his living room on an eight-track reel-to-reel, earlier this month. Speaking recently to Angie and Dean, Music Feeds just had to know about that title.

“A friend of mine was telling me her mother — an elderly lady — would drive past a vacant block and just sigh and say, ‘Ah, the luxury of wasted space,'” Dean tells us. “And I thought it was beautiful and agree, we don’t have a lot of open spaces — well, not here in the city anyway — and I thought it summed up the music, because it’s a pretty sparse and minimal record.”

While for most bands, album number three sees members easing into their roles and the band as a whole developing a command of their faculties, Holidays On Ice do it a bit differently. “I think every time we’ve made an album, my understanding of it with Dean is that that’s the last one we’ll ever make,” Angie explains. “So this one came when it was ready. It kind of rejected the third album template a little bit… it happened because it wanted to happen instead of us thinking we had to do a third album.”

We also chat to Dean about his accompanying visual project, which will see him make a short film cum music video for every track on the album. He kicked things off with a nostalgic claymation for the track Broken, which was written for the 2006 film Candy after Lou Reed barred the filmmakers from using the Velvet Underground classic Sunday Morning.

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