Interview: Itch – “I I Didn’t Want To Do A Tried And Tested Rap Record”

London’s Itch recently passed through Australia for a promotional tour of the country that saw his debut solo single, Another Man, go platinum. Following Another Man was The Deep End, Itch’s first studio LP, which hit our shores earlier in October.

When Music Feeds’ Mike Hohnen asked how he thought The Deep End might be received Down Under, Itch explained it might catch local fans off-guard. “It’s obviously very eclectic and a lot of people over here obviously know me from one song. And the rest of the album may come as a little bit of a surprise.”

Itch pulled out the big guns for The Deep End, attracting a variety of special guests with the aim of getting something new out of them. Taking Back Sunday‘s frontman Adam Lazzara, is one such guest vocalist, who Itch employed for track Homeless Romantic.

“I didn’t want to do the tried and tested rapper on the verse, R&B girl on the chorus. I grew up as a punk rock kid so I wanted to kind of incorporate that into what I do,” Itch tells us. When I heard Taking Back Sunday I heard the pain in his voice. That’s real and it’s raw.”

Itch said he felt each guest artist got something from working on The Deep End because they “were doing something new.” “I think it was fun for all of us,” Itch explains. “Most of these people has never worked on a rap record before.”

Before heading off Itch said Australian fans should expect second single Laugh featuring Matisyahu before the end of the year and for Itch to return for a proper tour in March 2015.

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