Interview: Pond’s Jay Watson Talks New Album, Breaking Budgets & Being An Accidental “Rockstar Douchebag”

Perth psychedelic rockers Pond are off to a busy start to 2015. As well as prepping for their gig at this year’s St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival (and recently announced sideshows), the foursome are also gearing up to release their sixth studio album, Man, It Feels Like Space Again, which drops tomorrow, Friday, 23rd January.

The film clip for the disc’s funky first single Elvis’s Flaming Star was ‘directed’ by the band using their iPhones, and guitarist Jay Watson (who also drums for Tame Impala) says they went through nine cans of silly string and an arsenal of water bombs during the shoot. “It’s one of the defining artistic statements of the 21st Century, that film clip,” he joshes.

The band will be following up their appearance at Laneway by taking the new disc across the Pacific to Europe and the UK at the end of February, but Jay says he hasn’t checked where they’re playing yet. “Not because I don’t care… It’s kind of more exciting, seeing where you’re going the next day,” he says.

But, he admits, it’s led to a few gaffes in the past. “I got off the bus and went up to a girl at a festival and was like… “How do you say ‘thank you’ in Flemish?” And she was like, ‘You’re in Slovakia’,” he laughs. “I was pretty embarrassed. It was kind of an ignorant rockstar douchebag move.”

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