Interview: Seth Sentry Chats About His Epic 48 Leg Aussie Tour

One of Australia’s most-cherished MCs Seth Sentry recently announced an Australian tour, that almost defies logic in it’s magnitude. Set to take in a whopping 48 shows over three months, we thought we’d get a hold of Seth to see how he’s pumping himself up before he hits the road for such an epic trip.

Chatting to Music Feeds presenter Harry, Seth say’s 48 shows is definitely a “big chunk of life” and that for now he’s just trying to “embrace my bed at the moment. Really get the most out of that… watch a lot of Game of Thrones.” [Spoiler alert: they discuss recent Season 5 episodes!]

Talking about his upcoming album Strange New Past, Sentry says he likes that people are finding some “venom” in his latest tracks and that there’s definitely more dense rapping going on in his new music, “I wanted to do it a lot more on this album. I felt like the last one was so topically specific and I didn’t really get a chance to flex.”

Stay tuned for our next video with Seth, where we fire a bunch of trivia questions about the towns he’s about to visit, to see if he’s truly ready for the upcoming tour and go ahead and pre-order his new album here.

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