Interview: Sures Talk About FBi 9th Bday

Making the most out of the immediacy of modern day social media, Sures, hailing from Sydney, have begun firmly laying down the foundations of what is looking to be a career full of highlights. From origins that chart back to a Facebook private message, this young outfit has already collected a number of feathers in their cap.

Already now with an EP released and a string of successful gigs, not to mention the cheeky festival appearance including Newtons Nation at Bathurst, the indie pop stylings of Sures found a comfortable foothold amongst the FBi listenership. Sures will be one of the many acts to have risen through the community radio station to be selected to celebrate FBi’s 9th birthday bash. At the sheer mention of that gig, the band almost couldn’t contain themselves. As they explained, individually they’ve frequented many FBi-run shows, and collectively performed at them.

As the band is still in the process of nailing the sound that is Sures, they find themselves in what could arguably be one of the most exciting times of being in a band. The garage band ethos is still alive and well with these kids: borrowing gear and recording tunes onto their laptop. It’s real, organic stuff that simply fades away as more bands progress. But Sures seem to be making the most of everything while they can.

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Taylor

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