Interview: The Amity Affliction – “Aussies Have Such A ‘She’ll Be ‘Right’ Attitude”

It’s all happening in The Amity Affliction camp. The Gympie metalcore mainstays have only just released their fourth studio album, Let the Ocean Take Me, and now they’re set to embark on their biggest national headline tour yet, with a roster featuring Architects, Issues, Stray From The Path, and Deez Nuts. To get a sense of what it’s like to be in one of the country’s foremost heavy acts, Music Feeds caught up with vocalist Joel Birch and drummer Ryan Burt, who took us behind the scenes on the recording of the album and explained why it’s important for fans to feel like they have a “support network” when they come to an Amity show.

“I think that while mental health is currently getting a push from the government in Australia, I think it’s still something that’s largely swept under the mat,” said Joel of the themes addressed on the new album. “And Australians in particular have such a ‘She’ll be ‘right’ attitude to things and mental health, because there’s no physical symptoms, it’s really hard to address… I feel like we’re writing music where people can come to our shows and know that there’s a support network there, [that] all these people get it.”

We also touched on the longevity of the band and whether the guys would ever want to call it quits. “I set a funny timeline a few years ago,” said Joel. “[I said] when I’m 35, I’m fuckin’ out of here. And I remember Ahren and Ryan just let it go and had a little chuckle. Now that’s not very far away and I’m absolutely not quitting at 35.” As for their massive new tour, Joel’s attitude is likely just what their fans are thinking at the moment: “We are stoked about the lineup.”

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