Interview: The Snowdroppers – It’s The Hard That Makes It Fun

After a cack of an introduction, Sydney lords The Snowdroppers got to the brass tacks of their forthcoming sophomore album Moving Out Of Eden, and fortunately enough the Music Feeds team were there to film it. With a title that has so much weight behind it, we got chatting about what led the band to naming the record Moving Out Of Eden – a short, but somewhat powerful headline. As things turn out, it was the lack of a decent name and the band’s attitude towards progression and change that encouraged the title, which serves both a metaphysical and pragmatic purpose, given the first single bears the same name.

We’ve already heard two tracks from the album, which will be released Friday, 22nd March – White Dress and Moving Out Of Eden. As the boys explain, the tracks are a pretty good heads-up for what we can expect from the full release, but they’ve still got plenty of moves to bust out.

The pair also chat about their writing process, what they found themselves drawing on for the new album and the forces that delayed the release of the follow-up to 2009’s Too Late To Prey, quality over quantity, as well as some of the words they hear used to describe the band and how they feel about it.

Tour dates will be kicking off soon!

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