Interview: This Wild Life – “We Prefer To Be The Odd Man Out”

Long Beach acoustic pop punk duo This Wild Life recently embarked on their maiden voyage to Australia, so we coaxed them into coming into Music Feeds Studio. The up-and-coming pair were in the country to support Jonny Craig during his latest tour and were gearing up for the release of their debut full-length album, Clouded.

After our own Mike Hohnen quelled Kevin and Anthony‘s apprehensions about Australia’s notoriously murderous wildlife, Kevin explained that the band have been garnering a warm reception from Aussie fans. “The turnout’s been good, people are coming out and singing along,” he says. “You know, when you go to a new place you never know if people are gonna know your songs or not, but the reception’s been great so far.”

“I think if anyone sings our songs, I’m surprised,” joked Kevin. The band were appearing as part of an eclectic lineup on the Craig tour, playing alongside rappers and punk rock outfits, but as Kevin explained, the band are not only used to standing out on a bill, they revel in it.

“We’re not really used to playing on bills with other acoustic bands, we’re always kind of the odd man out,” he said. “We actually prefer it. We like playing with the bands from the scene we grew up listening to. So we don’t mind playing with hardcore bands, metal bands. I think it’s okay to stand out, and to be honest we’ve never toured with any acoustic bands. We’re used to it.”

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