Interview: Thumpers – “The Fact That We’re Here Is Mind-Blowing”

Exuberant UK indie outfit Thumpers are about to kick off their debut Australian tour, and just before the dynamic duo of childhood friends Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson Jr hit Melbourne and Sydney stages armed with their debut album Galore, they stopped by Music Feeds Studio to dish on just how pleased they are to be here.

“The fact that something we made in our parents’ kitchen has brought us here and we’re sitting talking to you, that is mind-blowing,” explained the duo. “It doesn’t feel real that your album’s out on the other side of the world…until you see it in the shop when you’re there.”

Thumpers’ Debut album Galore, created with the help of Bat For Lashes producer Dave Kosten, was released in Australia back in March and its blend of off-kilter drums with soaring, euphoric synths has so far hit all the right notes with fans. But the duo are not taking anything for granted.

“By no means is anything like having an album out a guaranteed thing in music anymore. So we’re hugely appreciative and always will be that not only is it out but it’s taking us to all these different places, it is unreal.”

They’re also excited to play to a whole new Australian audience. “Although we put it off to begin with, now [playing live] feels like the frontrunner of our whole approach to making music,” they said. “It’s where you get the most instant reaction to the kid of music you’re making and you really get a sense of who you are as a band and what you do best.”

Catch them tonight, Thursday 10th July, at Newtown Social Club in Sydney, or tomorrow night at Melbourne’s Northcote Social Club.

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