Parklife DJs: Flume On MFTV, Sydney 2012

It feels as though there are two types of fans in the Australian EDM world at the moment, those already following Sydney DJ Producer Flume, and those desperately scouring through Soundcloud to find out just what everyone is talking about.

Though Flume himself, also known as Harley is still coming to terms with it. Not 10 months ago it was just a name that appeared lower down on the bill for nightclub shows and the sneaky Field Day slot but now it’s everywhere. Still riding the wave of success kicked up from his debut EP Sleepless, Harley spoke to Feeds about the past 12 months and just how much everything has changed.

Though the party lifestyle can be hard, Harley seems to be making the most of it. Having absolutely smashed it during his Splendour In The Grass performance, Flume has been added to the Parklife 2012 national tour where he will be performing with some of his biggest influences including Justice. Just in time to showcase his debut full length album which is currently in the mixing and mastering stages. Flume could hardly contain his excitement over the release which is sure to hold some big surprise collaborations, one being with Chet Faker.

Also to further please his ever growing fan base, Flume will be re-releasing Sleepless. The new edition will include a whole bunch of remix’s and even a clip. A lot of people are expecting big things from this young dude but now with the international market in his sites, I wouldn’t want to bet against him.

Filmed Edited and Produced by Daniel Taylor

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