Peking Duk & Elliphant On Becoming Close Before Releasing ‘Stranger’

Our summer has been well and truly soundtracked for us now that Peking Duk and Elliphant’s collaborative track Stranger has fallen into our laps. Fortunately, earlier in the year the universe conspired for all three to be in the same spot at the same time, making it far easier to interview them about it all on camera.

Stranger blooms and expands, sending sound flinging in all directions almost exactly like the fern of water that follows a finely executed bomb-dive. But as the trio reveal, the subject matter of the song is far less blissful. According to Elli, Stranger concerns itself with the moment “the ecstasy of the night” wears off, and you’re met with pure clarity / reality.

The Peking Duk boys brief us on why it is that they choose to take their time with releasing new material. “We could have put a bunch of shit out now, but we want to make it right,” they explain, adding that new material is coming together “Good. Real good.”

New tunes is a hot topic for both sides of the collaboration as is upcoming shows, both of which are addressed with various levels of audible conversation. Enjoy!

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