Pluto Jonze – Meet You Under Neon

Growing up in a musical inner-city household, laptop popster Pluto Jonze had his mind blown early by the music of the 1960s, developing an obsession he never ever grew out of. Stints living in Berlin and Guatemala, a healthy penchant for the big pop stylings of Bowie, The Beatles and Beck and an impressive track record composing for stage and film have all contributed to the strange and exciting elixir of other-worldly electro-pulse and laptop pop that is Pluto Jonze. Dressed with samples, sequenced electronic lines and backed by an explosive live 3-piece drenched with lush vocals, pounding drums, melody-soaked guitar and his signature Theremin sound, this is what the 60’s would’ve sounded like on another planet.

Check out the video from the first single off his debut EP, Meet You Under Neon Lights. It’s the classic story of boy meets girl with a cute twist that’ll probably having you watching it again and again.

Pluto Jonze is launching his EP at Purple Sneakers ‘Last Night’ on the 29th April 2011

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