Soundwave 2014 Interviews: AFI

Music Feeds ran into guitarist Jade Puget and singer Davey Havok from alt-rock veterans AFI when hanging about Soundwave 2014 at Sydney’s Olympic Park, who got us all caught up on what it’s been like behind-the-scenes of their Soundwave Festival experience.

“The crowds have been really, really great, both yesterday and today. It was really touching to see people come out so early and watch us, all the people at breakfast time,” said Davey. “Fuck breakfast, it’s forgoing the sleep that is really impactful to me.”

The band unveiled their ninth studio album, Burials, back in October and we got the boys to dissect it. “I can be pretty objective,” said Jade. “I’m pretty harsh on stuff I write and stuff we do. I might even be kind of more the other way, I mean people usually think whatever they do is great. I usually think it sucks.” “That’s me, I think whatever I do is great,” Davey interjected. “And I think it sucks, so we balance each other out,” said Jade.

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