Interview: The Presets – The Specifics of ‘Pacifica’ – Part 1

The Presets have returned to the forefront of Australian music with their 2012 album Pacifica. Although the duo of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes joke that whereas Apocalypso was The Presets ‘young and hungry’ and Pacifica is the Presets ‘old and fed’, the Sydney act’s third album is anything but complacent.

Having been nominated for the Album of the Year at the 2012 J Awards and being hailed as ‘Album of the Year’ by The Herald Sun and the Daily Telegraph, Pacifica has proven that The Presets are more than just dance floor fillers, but are capable and meaningful songwriters.

Part 1 sees The Presets explain that with Pacifica the duo looked to write songs that were less vocally manipulated and character-based, opting instead for a more autobiographical lyrical style with Hamilton being mindful of his natural singing voice.

Pacifica also gave Moyes the opportunity to play more live drums than on previous releases, as The Presets fused a greater human element with their electronic sound to bridge the gap between studio and stage.

Noted for its diversity, Pacifica plays in a variety of styles despite The Presets ambition to create their most cohesive album to date. Speaking about the balance between experimentation and unity, the pair give an insight as to how they attempt to merge a sporadic collection of ideas into a cohesive record.

Although Pacifica has gone on to garner much praise, initial reaction to The Presets’ follow-up to 2008’s Apocalypso were somewhat mixed as people were taken aback by an album not entirely comprised of thumpers.

Having successfully challenged people’s expectations, Hamilton and Moyes are proud to have made an album that is an honest depiction of their current position and not Apocalypso 2.0.

Watch: The Presets – The Specifics of ‘Pacifica’ – Part 2

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