Asking Alexandria – Interview (Live at Music Feeds Studio)

Music Feeds managed to catch the boys from UK metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria while they were in the neighbourhood for Soundwave Festival 2014, corralling them into the fine surrounds of Music Feeds Studio in order to perform a very special acoustic set for Music Feeds LIVE. Having completed the musical portion of their time at the studio, we stole a few minutes from the guys to have a chat.

Frontman Danny Worsnop told us that Soundwave is his favourite festival tour due to their dogged fidelity to being on time and the smooth style that organisers have of running things. As for hanging out with the other bands, Danny tells us, “If you imagine what an AA meeting’s like if somebody sneaks in like…ten cases of vodka, that’s what backstage at Soundwave is like.”

“I feed off chaos, can’t live without it,” said Danny, tongue thoroughly in cheek when we asked him about the media controversy over Thy Art Is Murder‘s Brisbane Soundwave performance. “I get it…but it’s a weird dilemma. I understand why it’s a problem, but I don’t necessarily agree that it should be stopped, but that’s because I’m on the side that doesn’t get hurt.”

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