Chris Pickering

Work Of Fiction
January 12, 2011

Somewhere in Brisbane is a machine. An evil machine that produces on mass, talented singer/songwriters. Chris Pickering must of come from this machine. Chris Pickering’s third record Work Of Fiction sees the talented musician expand on his alternate country leanings blending pop sensibilities to create this album. From opening track Hasta Luego you can pick up the influence of Bob Evans, in the way he sings and overall tones used in the music.

Absolutely Miss Lucy, the albums second track has a cruise ship jazz feel before an indie rock breakdown returning to the smooth jazz lines. ‘Kick Off The Weight’ has a funky bass-line that moves into Jason Mraz style pop and ‘I Just Want To Love’ is a sad soulful number that harks back to sixties blues and jazz singer in playing in smokey bars.

Having spent some time writing and recording in Nashville, the country music elements continue to crop up through out the record, but it’s where it dabbles in other styles that makes this album stand out. It’s a smooth, sweet album, even if at times sounds quite formulated in song structure, it’s not enough to deter from the overall product.