Connor B. Fitz

The R Complex
24 January 2011

After years of working as a session musician Connor B. Fitz of Byron bay has finally produced an album for himself. The R-Complex is a product of emotion, creativity and brilliant musicianship. The album is a one-man project, with Connor playing every instrument and singing on the CD. His soft voice floats over the steady tones of his songs, blending together seamlessly.

Connors tracks leave the listener calmed and wanting more. He sings about unrequited love and frustration – many of the tracks having a hint of melancholy. It shows that a lot of blood, sweat and tears have been put into this original CD. The structure of his songs are of a very high quality, and it is hard to tell where his strongest skill lies, as his aptitude on all the instruments in his songs is of a very high calibre.

The tone of the songs across the CD ranges from happy and ‘bubbly’ to quite dark. A must listen track on the CD is the opening track Round the Bend which is my own personal favourite. Its fantastic to see some new real genuine skill and music to come from such a well established music scene such as Byron Bay.

The R-Complex shows what happens when a skilled and experienced musician focuses all their skill and creativity into an album that aims to show the listener exactly what they are capable of doing. A brilliant CD that did not fail to impress.

Without a doubt Connor has brought a new and interesting sound to the Australian music scene with The R-Complex. He draws influences from artists such as The Beatles, The Strokes, and Radiohead, just to name a few. At points a very sad CD, but without a doubt a must listen to. I am looking forward to seeing what Connor will show us next.

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