From The Roots Up
May 18, 2012

Signed to Atlantic Records, 21-year-old British singer/songwriter Delilah is releasing her debut album entitled From The Roots Up. She was lucky enough to be picked by Prince as his upcoming tour support in Sydney.

Notably showing her influences, the introduction for the opening track entitled Never Be Another is relatively dark. However, this unique soulful voice takes on a wild exploration. Her vocal changes are unique, yet sufficient and surprising, thus leaving you with a feeling of wanting to hear more. Breathe is the first single from the album. It is a little more upbeat and has an electro feeling, which achieves a natural and fitting sound.

By now the album attracts a familiar sound going into I Can Feel You. Shades Of Grey presents an innocent splendour in Delilah’s voice, showing what would be a great follow-up single containing the lyrics “I see beauty in the rain”. Only You introduces a piano-based arpeggio, which eventuates into a track that engages an uplifting pop cultural feel.

Inside My Love
has a different, yet compelling sound that is indecisive as to where it lies on the album. The ambience in 21 is simply beautiful. The piano ballad is very enchanting with the sound of her innocent vocals.

could very well be compared to the likes of Lana Del Ray. It accompanies that electro, yet dark feeling of insecurity. So Irate provides an attractive electric guitar melody, which clearly identifies the lyrics. Introducing the song with a fitting bass line, Love You So is very well produced and contains dominant backing vocals that define the meaning of the song.

ventures out to the left-of-field and works admiringly. Aptly fitting into the urban genre, it comprises a very slow and smooth track that feels the exact opposite of the title. Finally, Tabitha, Mummy and Me concludes the album that traces a story of an intriguing piano ballad.

Delilah is a compelling singer who is incredibly versatile. While her album does not fit into one specific genre, it is rather ambient, and her uniqueness is clear within her vocal range. Being too versatile is not necessarily a good thing. The innocent style in her voice and playing piano ballads are what she delivers superbly.