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Shadows and Dust

Written by Filip Molito

Sydney based band Domino have a bit of an obsession with the Middle East. Don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with the Bush Administration. Instead they follow the long tradition of rock bands from Led Zeppelin to The Tea Party to System of a Down, that incorporate Middle Eastern melodies into their sound. With song titles like Arabian Nights and Ishtar’s Oil, there is definitely a theme going on, but it works well for them.

The range of classically trained front woman Erica Bowron is without a doubt extraordinary, however the vocal onslaught can become a bit too much at times. The EP could definitely use more passages where the instruments take the spotlight. Some great riffs get drowned out by the vocals which are far too dominant in the mix. It’s somewhat of a shame because guitarist Simon Owen has a very interesting style, making good use of unconventional chord combinations and sprinkles of twelve string guitar to add the Middle Eastern flavour. The rhythm section is tight, with powerful John Bonham-esque drum work.

The good thing about Domino is that they don’t mind taking their time building atmosphere, take Arabian Nights for instance, which clocks in at an impressive ten minutes and twelve seconds. The highlight would definitely have to be the opening track Crusader. The chorus is insanely addictive, with a simple but effective guitar riff, it’s bound to get many a heads banging. Domino stand out among Sydney heavy rock bands and are definitely worth checking out.

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