Don Caballero

September 1, 2008

If you’re a fan of math-rock Don Caballero will be a name familiar to you. Originally founded by Damon Che (drums) Mike Banfield (guitars) Pat Morris (bass guitar) and Battles guitarist Ian Williams Don Caballero, or The Don as they are affectionately known, are one of the most innovative and challenging bands to emerge out of the 90s, and guess what, they’re back with a new album.

I was initially wary of The Don sans Ian, especially seeing as though Che recruited the new line up by himself, but I’ve got to tell you Punkgasm is all sorts of rad. Che is at his blistering best, doling out machine gun-esque drum fills and syncopated cymbal snaps.

New members Gene Doyle and Jason Jouver are very strong players. Even keeping up with Che must be a task most men are not worthy of but these two manage to put forth some amazing fretwork and looped soundscapes. You don’t even miss Ian, ok you do but not that much.

If you’re an old fan you should be satisfied. If you like Battles you’ll fall in love, and if, like certain people who will remain nameless, you can’t wrap your feeble mind around the music, you’ll be missing out.

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