The Grey Space
September 29, 2008

If you saw our fourth issue you’ve probably figured out we like Horrorshow. From their eclectic sound to their powerhouse live shows, these darling of the inner west hip hop scene do things a little bit different than their contemporaries, and The Grey Space is a great example of this.

The soulful Uplift with its airy vocal samples and insistent beat does a great job of opening the album, effortlessly transitioning into the laid back plethora of public transport imagery that is Waiting For The 5.04.

Spit Syndicate’s Just Enuf joins Solo on Choose None to great effect before his band mate Nick Lupi pops up on the hedonistic Party Life. Dire Straits Pt 1 sees the boys at their most restrained and moody while All Summer Long is quite the opposite with it’s warm production and heartfelt lyrics about a love lost, watch for this one on radio playlists.

Sydney’s hip-hop stable warhorse Fame makes an appearance as well, on the funked out big band number Put It To Your Head. No Rides Left follows it up and it’s obvious why it’s been chosen as their first single with its clarity of sound and conviction in the lyrics.

Check them out at http://www.myspace.com/horrorshowcrew