Jason Lowe – Before We Chase The Sky

Now if you haven’t heard of Jason Lowe you should go heat up a spatula and spank yourself with it. Jason is amazing. His lyrics are heartfelt and touching, and his guitar work is evocative and transporting. He is about to embark on a tour of the US (or may have already left actually) and with such solid talent, keep an eye out for this young troubadour.

The album itself is a slide guitar laced, ethereal blues folk journey through a wonderland of experiences and lessons to be learned. At times Dylan, at others Joni Mitchell or James Morrison, Jason has a voice well beyond his years, and a world weary wisdom that is surprising of an artist who has barely reached 20.

Faith is a stunning laid back blues-folk dirge, with beautifully simple vocals. Forever Never Lost reminds me of The Kings Of Convenience or to a much lesser extent a stripped back Shins, and once the subtle brush beat drops in it becomes the perfect road trip song.

The last track When The Calm Takes Flight is a strange sort of country/Billy Corgan guitar and vocal dirge, and finishes the album perfectly.

Check Jason out at http://www.myspace.com/jasonlowesolo

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