Kate Alexa

March 11, 2011

For someone who spiraled her way into musical stardom with the infamous Always There track that branded Australian soapie ‘Home & Away’ – Kate Alexa’s music is now somewhat more tasteful – but not by much. Kate Alexa: a clash between Kitty Daisy & Lewis’ jazzy undertones & Holly Valance’s electronically modified vocals. In other words, despite having the potential to really do something with the jazz thing – she fucked it up by creating a generic vocal sound & generic lyrics.

But she’s only 22, so she’s got plenty of time to sort herself out.  This CD is co-written by Alexa, Tom Nichols & Future Cut, and basically comprises 10 remixes of her single Infatuation.  It’s the sort of CD you’ll play once, if you should stumble upon it, but probably not ever again. Dubbed to be the next ‘UK Club Anthem’ –I’m curious to see how it does perform overseas. Sure, it does have a mildly catchy core, but the plasticity of the track kills any trace of a good tune in her music.

This CD is an ensemble of mixes by Marcus Knight, Ultrabeat, Almighty & WAWA. On a positive note – there is a smooth, upbeat club beat with a good amount of vocals; very appropriate for a suave poolside party, featuring blonde’s and pimms.  If you’re wanting a track recommendation, Track 7 brings it down to a dance festival type set. Remixed with climaxes, highs, lows & a snap that brings everyone up again.