Mariachi El Bronx

August 30, 2011

Hardcore punk rock gets all gringo sexy with Latino flavours and songs about pretty señoritas and love.

This record shows a new depth in their songwriting and arrangements for the members of The Bronx. The instrumentation, traditional mariachi instruments such as Vihuela, Jarana, Requinto Jarocho open the group to more complex arrangements and sounds. Vocally Matt Caughthran shows a softer, melodic side and while he is not Enrique Iglesias, he does his best to swoon and croon his way into the hearts of many señoritas!

48 Roses asks you to feel sorry and compassion for a man trying to keep up and satisfy four different lovers. (some of us struggle with one as it is buddy so no!!) Revolution Girl is about a young gringo losing his virginity to a pretty, older señorita who falls in love with him. Fallenis a beautiful ballad, while next track Norteno Lights sounds a little Don’t Cry For Me Argentina but with a ska/Mexican party feel. Matador tells the life of the famed bullfighter who risks it all in the arena facing the wild beast and risks it most for love. Final track Spread Thin is a self-reflecting track which is probably one of my favourites with the great line “If I was going to heaven/I’d already be there”. (which is later followed by the less than great line “Supermarket candles burn out too fast”)

Listening to the album, you can’t help but feel transported to the backyard of a family in Mexico City. The tables are lined with delicious food, there’s tequila flowing, what seems like hundreds of people all dancing and laughing and being merry. It’s funny how if it wasn’t for this album I really would never have given mariachi music much thought. But The Bronx have made it cool and I’m sure this will get a few spins over summer while sitting on my balcony in the late afternoon sun with a corona in hand.