Mondo Generator – Dead Planet: Sonic Slow MotionTrails

Now first off if you don’t like stoner-rock piss off and go fuck a porcupine. Wait, wait, sorry I didn’t mean to offend you, but in all honesty if you can’t appreciate the balls of, low-end glory of Mondo Generator you might want to look into therapy.

One of Nick Oliveri’s (formerly Queens Of The Stone Age, Kyuss) many side projects, Mondo Generator are a testament to how Rock & Roll should sound. The album is a relentless riff filled, skin-slamming epic. Oliveri showcases his powerful vocals, sounding at times like someone dragged a child’s skull over some gravel, and at others treating us to some Queens-esque melodies.

Lie Detector might be the best song on the album, purely on the back of the breakdown, which could have come off any of the earlier QOTSA albums, and it’s one of the catchiest pieces of rock riffery I’ve heard all year.

Like A Bomb and Sonic Slow Motion Trails are both prime examples on Mondo’s ability to rock . She Only Owns You is some crazy mix of poppy hooks and a heavier than Rosanne sound. I Never Sleep opens with the trademark Oliveri growl before breaking into some straight out punk rock goodness.

Fucking awesome. Check them out at

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