Nick Oliveri

Death Acoustic
March 9, 2010

An answer to the over use of emotion tied in with acoustic music, Nick Oliveri temporarily abandons his Mondo Generator to bring us his new solo album, Death Acoustic. Straying from the overdone subjects of love and loss you’d normally hear on an acoustic album, Oliveri goes forth and conquers with a unique style of punk/metal attitude mixed in with the softer side of acoustic musical production. Tackling songs from bands he has worked with in the past or is just a big fan of, we are provided with a new take on classic songs by The Dwarves, Misfits, Queens of the Stone Age and more.

Opening track, ‘Start A Fight’, kicks off with that signature Oliveri screech, making it clear that acoustic or not, this album has more balls than most of the so-called heavy music being released these days. It strays far from the radio played dribble we can’t seem to hide from, putting the darker side of music into the lighter side of sound, drawing out a collection of songs that leave you feeling comfortably unsettled upon hearing the unusual mix of styles.

Tracks like ‘Dairy Queen’ and ‘Hybrid Moments’ touch on the more melodic side of edginess while ‘Invisible Like The Sky’, ‘Unless I Can Kill’ and ‘Outlaw Scumfuc’ ring in Oliveri’s irate musical stylings.

Essentially, this album sounds like Tenacious D fucking the devil on acid…in a good way if that can be taken as such. Either way, it breaches new ground for acoustic music and whether you like it or love it, it is something different in music and for that I commend Oliveri.


Death Acoustic is available now. Find it on Nick Oliveri - Death Acoustic