One Flew East

Panic Notes EP (Free Track Download)
November 2, 2009

If you had the chance to have a listen to One Flew East’s live EP The Molotov Sessions you will be well aware of the increasingly rocking direction they’re taking. New EP shows no signs of the band stopping this fist-pumping trajectory.

It’s nothing that new, it’s not going to change how you look at music, but in terms of pop/rock, I’m backing these guys all the way. They have that quality that makes you want to scream, that sort of sound that would work as well in a stadium as it does in a club.

First track Queen opens up with some funk drenched guitar work but does so with more intensity as the band push you through a call and response between wall of sounds chord pounding and loose limbed syncopation.

Cul de sac also opens with a furiously funky hook, this time reminiscent of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, with it’s relentless slap bass sections and fluid sections of impressive guitar rifferry.

Next track Hopscotch brings the band’s funk influence further into the fore with it’s halted opening and bouncy bassline. By the time it’s hit the chorus though it’s back to hitting all the boxes on the radio friendly rock list, the main difference they do it without sucking balls.

Closer Eureka Kings displays the bands explosive energy and singer/keyboardist Rich Lucano impressive chops channelling shades of Mike Patton and Perry Farrell, and hammering home the tone of the EP as a sort of Jane’s Addiction meets Jack Johnson slab of perfectly paced and swinging pop/rock.

While at first I didn’t like the recording, I think the grit that’s been left in and the absence of anything being over polished really pulls the whole thing together in that you feel the musicians the instruments as opposed to the producer behind the sound desk as is usually the case these days.

Overall this isn’t the most original or professional release I’ve heard this year, but it does have a whole lot of heart and feeling in both the vocals and the playing. Considering it’s still very much early days for the band, I highly recommend following their progress and checking out their vitriolic live show, if only to see some of the most enthusiastic keyboard playing you’re ever likely to see.

One Flew East – Queen

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