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Written by Alexander De Petro

It’s reassuring to realise that bucking against the trend of over-produced, hyper-hit, Justin Bieber-haircut clones, the home recording industry a.k.a. the true indie music scene, is doing better than ever in the digital age. EP-001 is the first offering from Miles Devine, who goes by the moniker Raindrop, and formerly of Sydney-based psych-rockers Regular John. It is a varied and at times dissonant affair, a collection of psych-influenced meditations on guitar and percussion.

Utilising a fluid line-up of contributors, Devine is the only constant in Raindrop, and his influence is felt throughout the EP. At times it feels as though he’s invited you into his home to share his thoughts on music, sadness and confusion. Reality is a surf-rock inspired tune with a retro vibe that rolls and sways like the movements of a ship, dissolving at times into a catchy, easy-going guitar solo and driven by a casual bass line.

It’s a fine showing of the technical prowess of the players on this EP, and a sign of things to come for this somewhat nebulous project. In just four tracks, Devine shows off both his songwriting chops and his deft touch for mixing instrumentation with percussion. Although at just under twenty minutes it’s only a short event, EP-001 is a fine first-step for a talented and promising musician.

Raindrop’s EP-001 is out now.

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