Roots Manuva

Slime & Reason
September 14, 2008

Get ready to witness the fitness as Rodney “Roots Manuva” Smith return to once again wow us all with his impeccable flow and Rastaman voice. The follow up to his 2005 album Awfully Deep, Slime & Reason sees Manuva further pursue his dubbed out beats and reggae-esque choruses.

First song Again & Again opens with a horn filled beat bouncier than the suspension in a gangsta rapper’s car. Roots exhibits his superb lyricism and flow with a degree of restraint in this song, with passages such as “the pain that breaks me, is the pain that makes me, and the pain that takes me is the pain that helps me maintain, life ting in a frame,” rolling off his tongue seemingly without effort.

C.R.U.F.F is a dubbed out west coast foot stomper, while Do Nah Bodda Mi is one of the stranger tracks on the album with it’s quirky chorus and sneaky beat. Let The Spirit sounds like a minimal Nine Inch Nails B-side spliced in with some pop reggae.

Kick Up Ya Foot is my personal favourite. The beat is laden with slow release bass and cheeky synths, while it sees Roots at his best in the call and response chorus.

This is a must buy for any hip-hop fan.