Slimey Things

Quantum Reality TV
June 7, 2010

After ten years of playing live, playing with life and releasing awesome EPs, veteran Sydney freaks Slimey Things have finally extruded the delicious ooze required to make an album. It’s dripping down my face right now. It’s a good thing.

Merging many mental musicians with a mad scientist aesthetic, Slimey Things are like Big Band of the future, a horrible future where whitegoods are insidious and stupidity is catching. The horrible future world of 2015!

The album is not simply a collection of previous EP releases. This is fifteen new tracks you may have heard played live, but you haven’t heard like this. Being in the studio has obviously given Mr Soole and the guys room to play. Live, the band is intensely present, carried not only by the charming antics of the freakish frontman, but also by the solid performances of the varied musicians. The album’s focus is more atmospheric – having the leisure to play around and the time to get it right, Slimey Things have produced their sound in digital disc format. It’s not the same as being there, but it is not the same as not being there.

The album is available right now from and iTunes. Get your physical copy at a show from early July. Official launch coming up in August, TBA.