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Written by Joel Hedrick

Spod has been around for a lot longer than most of us realise, always pushing in from the fringe, helping break in the electro-spazz sound before it went bezerk. Bringing in all your fave elements of crazed white-boy knob’n’button funk-pop for Superfrenz, his long, long, long awaited second album.

Despite the fact you can barely pick up the lyrics in Spod’s molto-spazzo delivery, the utter joy and juvenilia of the record seeps through perfectly. Spod’s a freakin’ nerd, lets not forget, and his attention to sound and detail — the sheer size of the arrangement and production — ensures that he stays on that fringe, just outside of the sound of stale pop. Everything is driven at a frenetic funk-thump pace.

‘Dead’ has him working a lyric until it’s almost, er, dead, but moves it through as many beatific arrangements as he can dream up. ‘Blubberponies’ is a massive sci-fi rave epic with blazing synth sirens pushing through night warning against the breaking dawn.

It might not stand the test of time — some tracks favour that huge production values and so lose on sexy hooks — and next season’s electro-jam wonder-nut will come along soon but it’ll definitely see you through the summer.

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