Super FLORENCE jam – The Head of Your Department

The latest offering by Sydney based progressive rock band, super FLORENCE jam is a release based on the premise of “here’s a taste of things to come”.

The first track Ghetto Project Fabulous is like nothing on the rest of the CD. “I’m the head of your department” and “Mean woman, mean woman hit you coz I love you” are the hook lines that remind me of songs like “Back in the USSR” purely based on the fact that they are as catchy as shit.

There is something deceptive yet cohesive about almost every song, making for an enjoyable if curious listening experience. Enter tracks 2 and 3: “A Spanish Doctor…” and “I Don’t Want The Pen (Take The Pen)” These are songs that ease you into an ambient state of pure listening and then they transport you elsewhere.

I think that what this album is, is an exploration of the talented experimentation of different musical styles within the realm of rock. The interim is a reflection of a great album that awaits us and I would recommend this cd to anyone who craves some good old rock/blues/prog/classical – whilst getting a dose of something new and original. Everyone.

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