The Aquabats

Hi-Five Soup
February 8, 2011

There’s no discounting how much fun this band is. The Aquabats, the band of superheroes who play ska based pop/rock songs are back with a new collection of catchy, fun filled, silly songs for our listening pleasure.

Like an adult version of The Wiggles, the band never sing about anything serious like relationships, love or political agendas. No way! What we get this time round is songs like Poppin’ A Wheelie, about popping a wheelie on your bicycle.

There’s Hey Homies about hugs. B.F.F is about the benefits of having big (fat) friends. Just Can’t Lose is about having bad luck but it’s ok because he can just ride his bike off your roof to impress your sister. And final track Luck dragon Lady is a fairy tale style story of a dragon love story. It’s pretty simple but it’s all good fun to listen to.

There’s something childlike and innocent about The Aquabats! Sounding like a mix between Devo and They Might Be Giants, it would be hard to not listen to album and not be put in a good mood. Now I’m off to ride my bike and pop a wheelie!